The Jenks


To make a very long story short, Jordan and I grew up alongside each other in Orange County, California-Cypress, Buena Park, Anaheim areas to be exact. We lived not even a mile away from each other, went to the same LDS church every Sunday, and graduated from the same high school. (Go Centurions!) But even though our church brought us to the same activities and youth dances, we didn’t really start to notice each other until the summer I turned 15.

One sunny 4th of July day, two days before my 15th birthday, Jordan swept me off my feet-LITERALLY! As I was standing in his kitchen, about to consume a blue frosted sugar cookie, he came in, picked me up off my feet and carried me outside. Before I knew it I was being thrown onto a home-made slip ‘n slide on his front lawn, dry clothes and all. I remember hitting the wet tarp, looking back up at him laughing above me and just thinking, “I love you.” And ever since that moment, I’ve never really stopped.

Silly of course-nothing more than a boy picking on a girl. Nothing more than 2 kids with a summer crush (or so some people hoped). Nothing more than an 8 year saga that brought us to where we are now. Young, in love, and married.

Jordan and I both had a lot of time to grow up and do the things we needed to before seriously dating; the highlight of those being graduating from high school (him in 2007 and me in 2008), starting community college, and Jordan serving a 2 year, LDS mission in Houston, Texas. While he was gone I lived my own life: kept pushing through school, had fun- A LOT OF FUN- with my girlfriends, dated other people and just tried to enjoy what was in front of me. But no one and nothing ever really compared to Jordan and the connection we had.

After 2 years of writing letters back and forth, Jordan came home from Texas in August of 2010 and within a couple of months it was like no time had passed at all. We were just 2 better, smarter, OLDER versions of ourselves and all of the same feelings were still there.

IMG_0940 IMG_0938

On December 22, 2012, after high school, college, a 2 year mission, and 8 months of long distance dating, Jordan purposed to me on our 2 year dating anniversary. I admit I saw it coming-a girl tends to start counting the days after 2 years! He kneeled down on the very same beach where we had first admitted to liking each other, and asked me to marry him! Obviously, I said yes.


Walking into the temple and walking out, Mr. & Mrs. Jenks

On June 22, 2013 we were married in the LDS San Diego Temple. It was a warm, but beautiful day and quite a dream come true. All of our friends and family were there to celebrate with us. My family threw us the most amazing reception. It was a day full of mixed emotions, after all of the things we had to fight through to get there. But I’d go through it all again in a heartbeat, just to relive that moment of being married to the boy of my dreams forever.

IMG_0269IMG_9931 (2)IMG_9672

This blog is all about our newlywed life together; the adventures, the love, and the fun. Everyday we get to learn and grow together, helping each other to become the best of who we can be. It’s the greatest blessing to be in love someone who is your best friend and getting to be married to him is even more amazing. After everything we’ve been through, it’s a huge comfort to know he’ll always be here with me for whatever comes next.

We hope you enjoy sharing in the sweetness and the fun with us.

-Jordan Nalani


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