Freshly Picked

In November my mom and I went to a Freshly Picked warehouse sale!

If you’re not familiar with Freshly Picked moccs you probably don’t hang around people with babies much, because these things are so popular right now. They’re not the cheapest, especially when you consider how fast a baby’s foot grows. But man are they cute.

When we found out they were having a warehouse sale not too far from us, we decided to get up early and brave the hoards of moms and grandmas waiting outside the warehouse for their chance at moccs $25 cheaper than normal. We planned to get some for my niece and ya know, maybe for me too.




They usually disclose the date, time, and location on their social media platforms a few weeks before.

Take this from a first timer at a warehouse sale and keep these things in mind if you ever make it to a sale yourself:


We knew they were going to start letting people into the warehouse at 10am. We got there to get a place in line by 7:20am. There was already a long line of women, but our spot was still pretty good. I actually feel bad for everyone after us and beyond because that line got really long. Even though we were 2.5 hours early, we still didn’t get in until about 11-11:30. So that should give you an idea of why it’s important to get there as early as you can stand it. Some of those women must have been there since 6am or earlier.And they got first dibs on everything. So just remember the later you are, the slimmer the pickens.


They don’t let you bring big bags or purses inside the warehouse with you, so don’t bring them. They give you a shopping tote when you get in there and you give it back when you’re done. A lot of people had chairs for waiting outside, but we brought nothing but money in our pockets and I think that’s just the best way to go. They did accept cash and cards. They also don’t let you bring your kids in. No babies, no toddlers, no 10 year olds. You’re supposed to be 18 and over for liability reasons to go inside. So either bring your mom with you to stand outside and watch your kids or leave them at home if you can. They passed out water to the people waiting and there were even some food trucks that drove by. The freer your hands and sides the more room you have to collect moccs.


They let in about 50 women at a time. So we were a part of the 3rd group. They only give each group about 10 minutes. (Don’t ask me how it still took us an hour to get in if it really was 10 minutes.) Everything is really organized inside. They have rows of tables and on each table is tubs of moccs, all in ascending size order. The smallest sizes were up front and then the clothes and hard soles were in the back. Knowing what you really want, unless your budget is unlimited, will help you save time and money. Know what colors and sizes you’re after and then go there to that row. They had every color and pattern in those tubs. And the one item that went the quickest were those hard sole shoes. Once you have a few of what you wanted most you can take the rest of your time to consider any extras. Some women walked out with 3 big brown bags of just moccs. Some women had lists of colors and sizes they were getting for other people. Some women were on the phone taking orders!

Whatever your sale goals are, just have a plan.


We didn’t collect quite as many pairs as some of the other women there, but I think we totally scored and we had fun too!

Guess I need kids to put in these moccs now. 😉

❤ Jordan Nalani


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