Beauty Over the Border

The Tijuana Mexico Temple open house was in November and Jordan really wanted to go. We decided to go stay with our friends Dustin and Kari, who moved from New York to San Diego, and make the short drive over the border to see it. It was quite the adventure.



With everything that people say about Mexico these days, it was a little nerve wracking to cross the border, I won’t lie. Luckily Kari and I felt pretty safe considering both our husbands speak fluent Spanish.


We did get lost for 10 minutes. Once you cross the border the road you keep driving on just becomes the freeway leading into all of Mexico. There’s the side to go in and the side to go out and a huge riverbed in between. We missed our turn off and ended up in a bit of a shanty neighborhood. Eventually we figured out how to cross over onto the other side and we could see the temple in the middle of everything.



The temple was beautiful of course, but the style was very unique to the surrounding area which made it even more beautiful. We watched the video, saw the little exhibit, and took the tour.












I loved the casita feel outside.


It was a warm and pretty day in Mexico.

Hopefully one day I’ll get to the beach!

After the tour we were hungry and thought it’d be great to get some real Mexican food. We walked to a place right across the street that was tiny and delicious and authentic hole-in-the-wall looking. Most unfortunately we found out they only took pesos and not the US dollar. I was really surprised by this, call me ignorant. We went into a pharmacy to see if we could exchange money, but no such luck. We decided to walk back to the car and just eat across the border in San Diego. While we were driving away, the boys realized that we had walked right by a currency exchange building, but all the signs were in Spanish so us girls didn’t notice it at all. Way to go guys!


We drove back to the border, bought some churros from a man on the road that were delicious, and waited probably over an hour to get back across. Just in case you were wondering, you do need a passport to come back into the US.

It was seriously such a fun adventure and I’m so glad I can say I’ve seen a temple in another country. 🙂

❤ Jordan Nalani


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