Annual Passholders Night

Back in November Disneyland held their annual passholders night, which allowed AP’s to stay in the park an extra 4 hours longer than regular visitors. We went back and forth about going, because the extra 4 hours were from 10pm-2am! But we decided if we could make it until midnight we could consider the evening a success.

I didn’t ask any of my passholder friends if they were going to go. I guess I figured no one would because of the time frame, but boy was I wrong. While sitting on the tram waiting to drive in, my friends recognized Jordan’s shiny head in the crowd and called out to us. I’m glad they did end up going and that we found each other, because it was such a fun night with all of us.



I think this was the first time we’d been on Splash Mountain the whole year. None of us were expecting the massive puddles of water that we took off the ride. Our left sides were soaked!

We got on a lot of rides that night, but by 11 we were all tired. Even though the idea of staying in the park til 2am sounded cool, we all decided that sleep sounded better.



Even though I was tired the next day, it was still so fun and I’m so glad we went. Seeing the park as empty as it was around 11:30 was really cool. I definitely hope we can do that again.


❤ Jordan Nalani


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